Friday, July 18, 2014


One of the pieces of furniture that I brought up on this trip was our sofa table. I also brought up our "Yellowstone Family Vacation" photo albums from previous years. I decided to place the photo albums, several Tom Murphy photography books as well as our antique cameras inside of the sofa table. After Dave's Dad passed away and they were going through their parents things, we brought home my father-in-law's camera as well as an old Bakelite view-master from the 1950's. I went on to E bay and found all of the old view-master reels from the National Parks which are fun to look at. On top of the sofa table I placed some of my favorite wildlife photos that Dave has taken over the years along with a small lamp that was a house-warming gift from our Mechanic. I set up the sofa table under the living room window and hung a valance on the window which I had brought up with me from our house here in Texas.

The coffee table was more of a challenge because it was so heavy and bulky. In 2004 I came across an article written about an artist who was using reclaimed wood from the Old Faithful Inn's renovations to craft frames. I contacted Rich Holstein and a friendship grew from that first phone call. I ordered an 11x14 frame for a Valentine's day gift for Dave. After that, we purchased a few more frames and had him make us a mirror too. Last year, I brought one of the 11x14 frames and the mirror with me; this year I brought the other 11x14 frame to hang in the family room alongside the other pieces.

The coffee table was a custom piece that we had Rich make us back in 2009. He finished it and we picked it up from his workshop after one of our Yellowstone vacations. It is made from different sections of the Old Faithful Inn wood and the underneath side he has detailed where each section came from. The top has 6 tiles inset depicting an old photo of the Old faithful Inn from years ago.

The coffee table traveled well to Montana and our contractor gave us gals a hand and we got it into the family room AKA "The Yellowstone Room". It looks right at home in here and is just the right thing we needed to make this room complete!!

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