Thursday, July 24, 2014


Dave and I have had an ongoing love affair with logs for years so we knew that our retirement home would be filled with rustic furnishings. For nearly twenty six years of our marriage, Dave and I had slept on a waterbed that I had bought before I met him. It was a novelty, the grandkids especially loved it but its time had come; so as we have replaced our furniture in recent years, we have directed our choices accordingly.

The old waterbed

We began researching log furniture companies and found one that had an extensive collection as well as good prices, JHE Log Furniture Place. They have been great to work with and Jason has been very accommodating in our many deliveries. Our first purchase was our master bedroom set for our home here in Texas, a king sized log bed, eight drawer dresser and two nightstands. As soon as we placed our order, Dave dismantled the waterbed and I advertised it on Craig's List where it was promptly snatched up!

The headboard is very heavy and it took our son Charles and a friend of his to bring it in the house for me!

Dave set up our bed, we have rounded log fronts on the drawers underneath for extra storage. We slept on an air mattress inside the "log box" until our new mattress was delivered.

Dave and I had purchased the bedding a full three years before we got our bed! We've just had it packed away until the time was finally right!

Our eight drawer dresser has the rounded log front on the drawer face too.

The night stands complete the set, mine has two drawers and Dave has one drawer, again we have the rounded log fronts on our drawers.

This winter we will begin the new flooring upstairs in the Master Bedroom at the Mountainview Hideaway. I can not wait until we get to move our bedroom set into place up there; I just know it will look stunning!

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