Wednesday, July 16, 2014


We had our contractor begin a big project in September 2013. The electricity's wiring entered the house near the master bedroom roof from a pole next to the detached garage.It then entered into a meter box to the right of the front door with the breaker box being just inside the front door in the coat closet.

Our first winter 2012-2013, our contractor noticed that the heavy, wet snow was weighing down the wiring making it rest against the metal roof.

We decided that we needed to have a plan of action because this could be a potential hazard for us in the future. The electrician advised doing away with the pole altogether and bringing the electricity into the house from underground; citing that not only would it be ideal but it would be more pleasing to the eye. We agreed with him and had our contractor begin the labor intensive work. The porch had some cracks in it because the previous owners didn't use rebar throughout nor did they use a good quality mix of concrete. We had thought repouring the concrete porch would be a "down the road" project but it became a priority project instead.

The first steps were shoring up the roof and using a jackhammer to bust out the old concrete. The meter will be moved and the box enclosure will be taken out.The porch will be extended to the the end of the house.

The meter was moved onto the garage and the front of the house was refinished to cover the the pre-existing electrical work.

The inside of the closet had to be finished out as well.

We also had a new porch light installed.

All in all, the porch turned out fabulous and we can't wait to put our new glider out front, sip iced tea and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.


  1. Love are blessed my friend.

  2. This was a good fix it project .. much nicer looking.