Tuesday, July 22, 2014


The area outside of the guest bedroom has had two different names, "The Transition Room", "The Office" but I think we will end up referring to it as the Library. When we bought the house it had inexpensive (cheap)bookcases attached to the wall in this area. What we didn't know until we had our contractor begin tearing them out was that, they were attached first and then the flooring and the wood walls went in! Another "scratch your head" reaction to the previous owners and their "different" ideas. Oh well. Needless to say, this project became more involved than what we had estimated.

This picture is from the previous owners listing before we bought the house. It just looks cluttered and junky in my opinion.

These next pictures are right after we bought the house. They left the desk behind and on our April trip, my sister-in-law Peggy and my best friend Brenda, dismantled it so we could take it to the dump.

The desk is gone and the work begins!

Our contractor tore out the old bookcases and reworked the walls for us. The room only has a small window and no overhead lighting. We had him put recessed lighting into the ceiling and then he redid the wood on the ceiling too. Gone are the diagonal planks, they've been replaced with beautiful new wood.

The window has been trimmed out and I will measure for wood blinds so I can install them at a later date. We hung Dave's canvas photo of the Old Faithful Inn at the base of the stairs so that it transitions smoothly into the Family Room (AKA The Yellowstone Room) to the right. We will probably change out the flooring to wood on the stairs and we will also have a railing and banister put in, after we make our final move and get the bulky furniture moved in upstairs. I hung a lot of our family, outdoor pictures on the stair wall.

Some very dear friends of ours, Dennis and Lois, gave us this rug as a house warming gift and it is a perfect fit for the newly remodeled Library!

We will put both bookcases in here and they will house our books and movie collection, which we will condense into zip up binders. On our April trip before the flooring was done in the library, I set up one of the bookcases just to get an idea of how it will look and I am pleased with the result!

The new flooring turned out great!

I am excited to get up to the house in a couple of days and start putting this room together!

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