Thursday, July 10, 2014


I am thrilled with how our dining room turned out! The previous owners had actually used THIS room as a living room but it made the most sense to us that it should be an extension of the kitchen itself, sort of a "great room". One of the reasons that I knew that this was the house God had for us, was the vision I had the first time I walked inside. In the last few years I have embraced one of my gifts or talents as it were; I am a visionary. If I am scrapbooking, I will be drawn to certain colors or themes. When the piece is finished, it becomes obvious why I went in a particular direction because it has pulled together so well and everything complements itself. As I entered the house in August 2012, God immediately allowed me to see the end result, looking past its current averageness.

When entering through the front door, the kitchen and dining room are to the right.

Pictures from the owners previous listing shows how they used the dining room as their living room. This is before they changed out the flooring and ceiling.

This is the makeover, the new direction for this room.

Dave and I knew right from the beginning that we wanted a wood stove in this room. Beyond aesthetics, we wanted practicality. If we lose power or need additional heat to supplement our furnace in the winter, we have this larger wood stove to help carry the load. The brand is KUMA and it is a larger wood stove than the one in the family room.

Our contractor did an amazing job on this project! He mapped out the hand made hearth pad with stone from a local quarry and wrestled this cast iron beast into place!

It gets cool enough overnight (and especially if you have the windows wide open!) to enjoy a fire in the morning while having your coffee and breakfast.

One of the small details that made a big difference was installing custom honeycomb blinds and adding ecru colored, pine cone lace curtains. They are just enough and don't detract from the views!

We are ordering our new log china hutch for the dining room next month and it will be delivered on our October trip. It will go in the corner where the bookcase is and we will move the bookcase into the office.

This room turned out EXACTLY how I envisioned it when I stepped into nearly two years ago. I have to wonder what the previous owners would think if they saw it now?


  1. It is beautiful! The previous owners would be amazed!!!

  2. Thanks Trish! I know that our Realtor has taken tons of pictures, showing our changes and then shows them to his clients. Our contractor has become a friend and he has told us how much he enjoys working on our home.