Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Our latest trip to the Mountainview Hideaway was another success. We had guests stay with us, received our log china hutch, hosted another "dinner party", got work done, made flooring decisions and we even played a little! In August, I wrote how Dave and I took a road trip adventure up to Glenpool, OK and met Jason Hunt of JHE Log Furniture. At that time, we ordered the new china hutch for the dining room. We have been so pleased with the furniture that we have gotten from them that I'm a bit saddened to know that we only have maybe one or two more small purchases from them down the road.

Dave's brother Trace and his wife Pam visited us during our first week and we were grateful for all of the work they helped us with! The new hutch was delivered on October 13th and surprisingly, despite its size and weight, everything went smoothly! We used our heavy duty furniture dolly to get it onto the porch and then after the packing was removed, we put it on furniture coasters and slid it into position!

I had went home to St Louis for a visit right before our Montana trip and I brought back a couple of things that had belonged to my Mom. The carved stag candelabra was a fixture in our home from my earliest memories. My Mom brought it from Germany with her when she came to the United States after marrying my father. Who would've known that when she brought it over, it would fit so fabulously in our rustic home!? I used furniture oil on it and now it has a really nice shine to it. I added the green tapers and it's a perfect fit on the new hutch! I placed some of my Mom's green glass treasures in the hutch portion along with some other sentimental things that came from Germany. For many reasons now, whenever I see this hutch, I automatically think of my Mom and my Pop!

It's exciting to see how in two years time, this dining room underwent a MAJOR transformation!! We couldn't be more thrilled with the end result!

From this:

To this!

Another view of our remodeled dining room!