Saturday, December 17, 2016


Exactly one month ago today, Dave retired. As you can probably imagine, it's been a busy time and we have yet to establish a real routine. On Dave's last day of work, I picked him up at noon, we came home and finished packing the last of our stuff and loaded up the VUE. We turned over the keys to the new owners and we had a sweet time of prayer and praise. The response was just automatic since we know God is good and He has shown favor and faithfulness to their family and to ours.

That evening we grabbed a bite to eat and drove the 30 miles west to Decatur, Texas and spent the night at the Hampton Inn. It was a leisurely evening and morning before we headed out, bound for Trinidad, Colorado. We had decided to break up the drive and stay there, bringing back memories from long ago when we lived there and our kids were so young. We had our last good Mexican meal at Tequila's and then went and saw "Hacksaw Ridge" at the theater. The next morning we headed north on I 25 and stopped in Pueblo for breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards we hit a couple of antique stores in Denver, picked up a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and stopped at our good friends Stewart and Dot's house where we went to dinner and spent the night. The next day we had a fun time visiting with the other "Milk Duds" at Stewart and Jan's house, sharing a meal and good company. The next morning we were on the road, bound for Montana by 4:15 AM!

The drive went smoothly, albeit a long one, over 1000 miles that day. We arrived to our Sweet Montana Home and were greeted with the front porch light on and some balloons and a card from Randy and Chris, what a surprise!

A couple of days later, we had Thanksgiving dinner at their house over off the Flathead River...

Dave was very surprised to walk in and see that Peggy and I had decorated the house for Christmas back in September. I am so glad we did that since we've been trying to get all settled in and knowing me, I would have been stressing out over decorating!A couple of pictures, more to come later...

To be continued...

Monday, November 14, 2016


Wow, here it is the last week of Dave's work! We've been petty busy as you can imagine, getting ready for this major life event. Here's a few pictures from his retirement party...

What every mountain man needs, a coonskin cap!

Safety always!

Our daughter Laura and her husband Jake were able to come to the party too!

Recognition from JB Hunt for all of his work with them and their intermodel shipping.

Monday, November 7, 2016


Back in 1984, right before I met Dave, he bought a brand new 1984 Dodge Conversion Van, mainly for the long fishing trips to Canada that he took every June. After we married, it became an ideal family vacation vehicle and we made many a long trips with the kids, in comfort. Traveling to the Black Hills of South Dakota, National Parks such as Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Zion, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Capital Reef, Mesa Verde and all over Colorado, there were a lot of family memories that were made during those 17 years.

Back in the day with it's swivel Captain's chairs and tables it was pretty stylish but over time, age and the elements began to take its toll and it was affectionately named, "The War Wagon". In 1985, Dave's Dad fell asleep behind the wheel on one of their long haul fishing trips to Canada and took out a highway exit sign. Besides ripping off the passenger side view mirror and doing major damage to the body and ruining a canoe, they were fortunate that it wasn't much worse. Afterwards, the van could never hold the paint job and it would flake off and rust. The War Wagon did more than just go on family vacations, it hauled kids to Awana meetings, Wednesday night Youth Group and Youth trips back when Dave and I were Youth leaders. There came a day however when we traded it in and bought a brand new FORD Conversion Van to carry on where the War Wagon had left off. (Unfortunately any War Wagon pictures I have are already in Montana).

The new FORD van was pretty cool with its built in TV and VHS player, "party lights" in the roof and the bench seat which folded down into a bed; it was even more comfortable than the War Wagon. It immediately assumed the same role and before long was nicknamed, "The Mothership" by Charlie because of all the kids I was always transporting. The Mothership had a good run for a few years but as our children grew up, began driving, the van got used less and less. Still, there were a lot of great memories as well. Banff, Jasper, Grand Canyon and the Southwest, Colorado and Sioux Narrows, Ontario vacations, family camp outs with our best friends, all fun times.

Campout with the Roseland Family outside of Austin,2001

A Colorado family vacation! 2001

Yellowstone 2004

Laura's Graduation trip to the Southwest in 2006

One of the most memorable moments ever was on our 2007 trip of Yellowstone, Glacier, Banff and Jasper when Dave took a drink of chocolate milk that had soured and spewed it out the window, covering the side of the van! Charlie and I laughed ourselves silly!

Aly and Ashley's first trip to the Motlong's cabin in Sioux Narrows, Ontario.

Jacey used to call it the "Gigi Van". Here she is tuckered out on the 2009 Yellowstone vacation.

After the 2009 Yellowstone vacation, we stopped in Cody, WY where we took possession of our custom made coffee table made by our friend Rich Holstein from reclaimed wood out of the Old Faithful Inn.

Since buying the Mountainview Hideaway in 2012 and all of the kids are now grown, "The Mothership" has been relegated to April trips to Montana where I have loaded it to overflowing bringing up some of our stuff.

We also let Charlie drive it up to the Mountainview Hideaway with friends over their Spring Break.

All of this is leading up to today. One last look...

Dave and I believe that we are called to be good stewards of the blessings God has generously given us; whether it is our finances, our abilities, our time or our possessions, they all come from Him. We made the decision a couple of months ago that we would donate "The Mothership" for someone else to use. Our church, Cross Timbers Community Church is in partnership with different ministries which made it easier for us to decide, whom to consider. My prayer is that The Mothership continue to be used as a tool to further the Kingdom just as it did all those years ago when it was the official youth group taxi. We've had a good run and now it's time to pay it forward...

Monday, October 31, 2016


Wow, today is Halloween and I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to the month of October! I knew the time would pass quickly once I got back from Montana and it has! We're on the "GOODBYE TOUR" as I like to call it. Our church, Cross Timbers honored us with an open house send off. I was amazed at how many people made time to be a part of that! There was tons of food including a gorgeous cake our friend Charli had ordered with a picture of the Mountainview Hideaway on it! The picture was taken from our friend Fabrizzio's artwork that he did for us; Dave had made note cards for me with his picture on it and I had sent one to her earlier this year. Charli and her husband Conley put a lot of love and effort into making this special for us!!

Charlie and I, she's a native Montana gal!

Dave and Conley, the "King of the Grill"!

Our sweet friend Martha and I...

Jerry, Martha's hubby is quite a character!

We've had a final get together with our Life Group which was hard for me. We are 4 couples that have been "Doing Life" together for over 12 years and we have seen lots of changes during that time; all of us have lost loved ones, celebrated marriages and promotions as well as shared in life's trials and Dave's cancer journey. This is a group that is as close as any family and whenever there is a need, they are right there to roll up their sleeves...I will miss these wonderful people so very much!

We've also gone out to dinner, lunch and brunch with many people and have a few more on the calendar. Tomorrow and Wednesday the BNSF will honor Dave as well.

I spent some time back in St Charles this month as well. I enjoyed a good visit with my father and stepmother with some of my siblings one Saturday...

Some people say I look like him but I don't know about that.

I took Pop to the country where we spent the afternoon with our life long friends Dennis and Lois. I enjoyed seeing our oldest daughter Jennifer and her family several times, including our grand-daughter Alyson's musical with Pop and a movie and lunch one day of their Fall Break.

I always make time to visit my Mutti's grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, as I pulled up, the chapel bells were playing the National Anthem.

I spent the day with my best friend Brenda where we celebrated her birthday in Kimmswick, MO.

Of course I HAD to spend time with my Peggy....

I always make my Pop a priority; we spent a lot of time together just chatting, watching World War 2 documentaries as well as his favorite, "Sanford & Son". I enjoyed his cooking for us (memories from my childhood came flooding back) and I listened to him share memories, all the while giving thanks I still have him in my life... I am incredibly blessed!