Monday, October 31, 2016


Wow, today is Halloween and I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to the month of October! I knew the time would pass quickly once I got back from Montana and it has! We're on the "GOODBYE TOUR" as I like to call it. Our church, Cross Timbers honored us with an open house send off. I was amazed at how many people made time to be a part of that! There was tons of food including a gorgeous cake our friend Charli had ordered with a picture of the Mountainview Hideaway on it! The picture was taken from our friend Fabrizzio's artwork that he did for us; Dave had made note cards for me with his picture on it and I had sent one to her earlier this year. Charli and her husband Conley put a lot of love and effort into making this special for us!!

Charlie and I, she's a native Montana gal!

Dave and Conley, the "King of the Grill"!

Our sweet friend Martha and I...

Jerry, Martha's hubby is quite a character!

We've had a final get together with our Life Group which was hard for me. We are 4 couples that have been "Doing Life" together for over 12 years and we have seen lots of changes during that time; all of us have lost loved ones, celebrated marriages and promotions as well as shared in life's trials and Dave's cancer journey. This is a group that is as close as any family and whenever there is a need, they are right there to roll up their sleeves...I will miss these wonderful people so very much!

We've also gone out to dinner, lunch and brunch with many people and have a few more on the calendar. Tomorrow and Wednesday the BNSF will honor Dave as well.

I spent some time back in St Charles this month as well. I enjoyed a good visit with my father and stepmother with some of my siblings one Saturday...

Some people say I look like him but I don't know about that.

I took Pop to the country where we spent the afternoon with our life long friends Dennis and Lois. I enjoyed seeing our oldest daughter Jennifer and her family several times, including our grand-daughter Alyson's musical with Pop and a movie and lunch one day of their Fall Break.

I always make time to visit my Mutti's grave at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, as I pulled up, the chapel bells were playing the National Anthem.

I spent the day with my best friend Brenda where we celebrated her birthday in Kimmswick, MO.

Of course I HAD to spend time with my Peggy....

I always make my Pop a priority; we spent a lot of time together just chatting, watching World War 2 documentaries as well as his favorite, "Sanford & Son". I enjoyed his cooking for us (memories from my childhood came flooding back) and I listened to him share memories, all the while giving thanks I still have him in my life... I am incredibly blessed!

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