Tuesday, October 11, 2016


A few months ago Dave and I decided that our sister-in-law Peggy could use a little therapy, the best kind of therapy, the Montana kind! She flew in on the 12th and stayed for two weeks with us. It was a combination of work, relaxation and play time. We picked her up at the airport and waited for the shenanigans to begin!

After we got home we got her settled in and then we had a nice pot roast dinner I had been cooking in the crockpot.

Peggy helped me with getting a lot more stuff purged and organized. One morning we went to Montana Coffee Traders for breakfast.

One night I went to bed before 9 PM and had chills and fever all night long. I "slept" almost twelve hours! I was pretty run down that whole day but Peggy and I just took it easy. Originally, the three of us were going to hike in the Two Medicine area and then meet our Contractor Randy and Chris for dinner at the Glacier Park Lodge. Peggy urged Dave to go on and that she really didn't mind just relaxing at the house with me. There's always the next time:

I also got to visit my new Chiropractor for the first time. Our Son in Law Corey had an issue last summer when they drove up for a visit and I got him a referral from our friends (Corey ended up giving them a good review!) It seems that all of the loading of boxes and furniture into the U Haul truck, 1,800 miles on the road, unloading the truck and moving boxes made my hip problem flare up. I go to my Chiropractor here in Texas every month for maintenance since undergoing PT and numerous adjustments back in 2011. As a result, I didn't do any hiking on this trip since I didn't want to make it worse. One day, we took a drive to Many Glacier (inside the Park) going on the "Going To The Sun Road" and we enjoyed the Fall colors all along the way!

Peggy and I decided we would hang out at the Many Glacier Hotel reading and I was going to do some crochet work while Dave hiked to Iceberg Lake. We forgot that the MGH is undergoing renovations and the giant lobby and fireplace are closed. We found a nice spot to sit and relax and eventually went into the Ptarmigan Dining Room for lunch.

When Dave got back he decided to go have a bowl of chili in the dining room and he told us that for the first time ever, there wasn't any ice on the lake. This is one of our favorite hikes and I hope that winter restores the "icebergs" we are accustomed to seeing!

Of course we also made time for going to the Huckleberry Patch and having our Huck Pie with Huck ice cream and drooling over a vintage T-Bird!

We went to the Lodge at Whitefish and celebrated my 56th birthday over dinner.

Peggy's first week zipped by and soon we had to say goodbye to Dave since he had only taken two weeks vacation. She and I still had another week together but time spent with loving family is always the best time!!

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