Thursday, October 13, 2016


After Dave flew back to Texas, Peggy and I balanced our time with soul talks, drives and work projects. One of our favorite places is the Izzak Walton Inn in Essex which started out as lodging for employees of the Great Northern Railroad and is now open to the public. They have engines, cabooses and hotel rooms available as well as a nice dining room. If you come for a visit, there's a really good chance that Dave and I will bring you here for lunch where you can still see an active train yard; our favorite railroad's, the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe!

Stopping at Goat Lick, no mountain goats but beautiful fall colors!

Peggy volunteered for some "dirty jobs" like cleaning out the wood stove, stacking wood and learning how to use the log splitter.

One day we decided to grab some snacks and enjoyed a drive through Glacier, our backyard!

Logan Pass was socked in with fog and clouds but it was still pretty cool!

More Fall colors and raining in the Two Medicine area.

The big project that Peggy and I worked on was surprising Dave by decorating the house for Christmas! I want him to be totally caught off guard when he walks through the door. Except for hanging porch lights and getting a live tree, everything is done! It took a lot longer since this is the first time and I didn't have a reference from previous years on where to put stuff. Here's a sneak peek:

Those three weeks flew by but it won't be long now!

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