Thursday, June 13, 2013


After my return from the Montana house, Dave and I gave the green light to our Contractor to begin working on the downstairs guest bedroom. We are excited to see this project get done because it means we are one step closer to having the downstairs finished. When the carpeting was pulled back he contacted us and told us that we have a drainage issue.

The hideous, tie-dyed carpeting in the guest bedroom reveals we have some water issues, not ideal since we are having wood flooring installed!

The house is built right on the edge of the property line on the south side and there is a hill that backs up right next to it. That means that as the snow slides off the roof and sits, then gradually melts, the water is seeking its own level and backing into the guest bedroom.

His expert opinion suggested a drain tile project which Dave and I had to look up on You Tube so we knew what he was talking about. (Do-It-Yourselfer's, we are not!) I sent him the plat diagram of our lot (#22) and he determined that he would have to dig it by hand since there was no room for any type of equipment to fit in there.

When we purchased our retirement home we knew that God's hand was upon our decision. Since that time our Realtor (God's provision) recommended this wonderful man who is such a perfectionist and has integrity in his work. We couldn't be more pleased with this man's skill and eye for detail! He began the project, which I thought would be such a tedious job, but he told me it was a nice break from having to use his brain, measuring things. That made me laugh! He dug the trench and laid in the drainage piping, did some fence repairs and even laid down grass seed over the area.

"ZIPPY" approves!

It works!

Now that this work has been completed, he has started on the downstairs guest bedroom. The new flooring should arrive within the next two weeks and then we check off one more project from our list. It's coming along!