Monday, October 3, 2016


We woke up early the next morning and after a fire, coffee and daybreak, we began to unload the truck. We had labeled everything as we packed the boxes so it was easy enough to organize but we ran out of room inside the house and had to start stacking boxes on the porch. Our contractor Randy had agreed to help Dave with the heavy furniture but he didn't want Randy to feel obligated to unload boxes too. In Dave's loading diagram, the heavy furniture items were loaded in first and in the middle which meant we had lots of other stuff to move out of the way before they could get to them. Dave and I got a lot unloaded and once Randy arrived, they began moving the really heavy stuff out of the truck and upstairs. We were pleased that we had managed to get the truck completely unloaded and still had plenty of time to get our bed set up.

Our bedroom is not finished by any stretch of the imagination; there are boxes still all over the place since I was unable to get my closet put together. Randy is putting in rods and shelves for me and that will be my first post-retirement project. It was great being able to sleep on our own bed again!

I had put on a pot of Taco Soup when we had gotten up that morning so dinner was quick and done by day's end!

After a sound night's sleep, we awoke to our usual routine of coffee and a fire in the kitchen woodstove. I made us a nice breakfast of Southwest Omelettes with Bacon and then we went into Whitefish to pick up our new Subaru Forester. It took a while since they cover "everything you need to know and then you promptly forget afterwards" but we got squared away and then we went into Kalispell and returned the U Haul truck.

After we got back I worked on putting together the little bistro table I had found down here. I had been hoping to work on my project of making my posts with outdoor lighting attached that I had mentioned last month but unfortunately, the outside outlet is incorrect and I will have to have it redone. Probably for the best though since we only used the table and chairs a couple of times before I stored it for the Winter.

To be continued...

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