Saturday, December 17, 2016


Exactly one month ago today, Dave retired. As you can probably imagine, it's been a busy time and we have yet to establish a real routine. On Dave's last day of work, I picked him up at noon, we came home and finished packing the last of our stuff and loaded up the VUE. We turned over the keys to the new owners and we had a sweet time of prayer and praise. The response was just automatic since we know God is good and He has shown favor and faithfulness to their family and to ours.

That evening we grabbed a bite to eat and drove the 30 miles west to Decatur, Texas and spent the night at the Hampton Inn. It was a leisurely evening and morning before we headed out, bound for Trinidad, Colorado. We had decided to break up the drive and stay there, bringing back memories from long ago when we lived there and our kids were so young. We had our last good Mexican meal at Tequila's and then went and saw "Hacksaw Ridge" at the theater. The next morning we headed north on I 25 and stopped in Pueblo for breakfast at IHOP. Afterwards we hit a couple of antique stores in Denver, picked up a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory and stopped at our good friends Stewart and Dot's house where we went to dinner and spent the night. The next day we had a fun time visiting with the other "Milk Duds" at Stewart and Jan's house, sharing a meal and good company. The next morning we were on the road, bound for Montana by 4:15 AM!

The drive went smoothly, albeit a long one, over 1000 miles that day. We arrived to our Sweet Montana Home and were greeted with the front porch light on and some balloons and a card from Randy and Chris, what a surprise!

A couple of days later, we had Thanksgiving dinner at their house over off the Flathead River...

Dave was very surprised to walk in and see that Peggy and I had decorated the house for Christmas back in September. I am so glad we did that since we've been trying to get all settled in and knowing me, I would have been stressing out over decorating!A couple of pictures, more to come later...

To be continued...


  1. i'm smiling as i read your post ... it was such a long awaited dream ... and now you are fully into the retired life! how cool is that! ENJOY!

  2. Hi Constance, I hope everything is all right! missing your posts dearly.
    greetings from Vienna