Monday, April 22, 2013


Despite the many miles we clicked off, we were up early the next morning (Sunday)and began the job of unloading the van.

Afterwards we went to Kalispell and hit LOWES, COSTCO and Wal Mart for supplies and groceries. We decided to order Pizza from a local pizza place and bring it back to the house for an early dinner. More unloading the van and then we enjoyed our pizza as we sat at TV trays. We decided that our first task was going to be assembling the dining room table!

Monday we awoke to 4 fresh inches of snow and also saw us assembling the dining room table. We began checking off a lot of odds and ends on our list as well as waiting for the new bookcases and the mattress and foundation to be delivered.

I had purchased a heavy duty dolly which helped us to move furniture around. I decided to put one of the bookcases in the dining room until we get a china hutch eventually and I was rather pleased with the outcome!

Cleaning, hanging shades and curtains and a well-earned coffee break!

I am very pleased with the new cellular shades and lace pine cone curtains in the kitchen and dining room areas!

That evening we enjoyed a nice bowl of soup that I had cooked in the crock pot and reflected on how much we had accomplished that day!

Tuesday would be another day filled with work as well as having the Electrician out to do some finishing touches in the kitchen and a few other things.

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