Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tuesday we awoke early and after coffee (for me) and breakfast (for Brenda) we cleaned up and got started on our day! I had a meeting with the electrician and while we talked, Brenda was upstairs using a pry bar to rip out shelving in the master bedroom. The previous owners must have had a lot of things to display (like we don't?!) but I just wasn't digging their shelving! At one point in the conversation with the electrician, Brenda chucked a long section of shelving over the upstairs balcony ad I was startled by "flying wood!" She is pretty handy to have around and knows her way around power tools and pry bars!

(Even the "balcony room" which is attached to the master bedroom had shelves along all four walls! YIKES!)

The electrician finished the wiring for the new kitchen island and switched out all of the outlet boxes to black so they would blend better once the contractor installs the smokey pewter backsplash panels. He also installed a new ceiling fan in the downstairs guest bedroom and a new vanity light in the downstairs bathroom.

A little before and after in the kitchen!

The "redneck wiring job" for the stove is a thing of the past!

The old island set up. We had the contractor build up the back side to hide the back of the stove and the electrician wired in outlets for me.

The old island setup with the disgusting electric range and now the new and improved!

Beautiful, new granite countertops, outlet boxes switched out to black and Brenda redid all of the cabinet hardware, some doors and all of the drawers didn't even have any!

The old sink before and after!

I can't wait to see how the kitchen looks when the very last thing is completed, installation of these backsplash panels!

Tomorrow I will share the new bathroom vanity light and the work we did in the downstairs bathroom.


  1. I am loving sharing every bit of this journey with you! Your friend, Brenda is amazing - a wonderful friend indeed. I think she's a keeper. Will she move to Montana with you? ;) I think she should, I'm just sayin'.... And as for the "redneck" wiring...lol...I think for it to be TRULY redneck there must be duct tape involved - or in our case, duck tape (since that's the brand we use.) I recently bought a case of it. For fun. We don't really use it to fix things...mostly. lol Anway...the kitchen is looking great - can't wait to see the backsplash in place and the final photos!

  2. Oh trust me, their was duct/duck tape involved! I will see if I can find the picture! Yes, Brenda is awesome! Her husband Charlie (our sons are named after our husbands (we have Charles David and they have David Charles) is VERY handy and I think we're going to enlist his help in remodeling the workshop over the garage once we are all retired! I am thinking a craft studio for yours truly!

  3. I think we have the same kitchen sinks .. love mine .. very deep! Everything is rolling along .. that Brenda is a jewel of a friend. And she's a very talented and lovely person. Would love to have spent more time with you both.

  4. I had a vision of milk bottles on those shelves ;)

    Word Verification = beef (and) helpbum lol

  5. YIKES those milk bottles have taken over my current house! That's the reason why I am willing to give up the 2nd bedroom if it means he'll be confined to one area!

    I wish we could have spent more time together too! Brenda told me after we left your home that "she and her husband are just delightful!" I of course agreed whole-heartedly! HUGS!

  6. Oh BTW Cathy, did you notice my Montana tea bag holder next to the sink?