Thursday, April 25, 2013


One of the projects we worked on was the downstairs bathroom. We had to have a new water heater installed and eventually we will get a washer and dryer as well. The plumber had to install an emergency shut off valve for the house because incredibly, the former owners did not have one! That is scary when you think about it! The previous owners had their own ideas when it came to decor, etc and we have decided to take our house in a different direction. Being located in Northwestern Montana, in the mountains, next to Glacier National Park the house is begging for a rustic decor! We had the electrician replace the old bathroom vanity fixture that had flowers and vines with this more rustic one adorned with moose and trees. The medicine cabinet had a glass door with mauve colored flowers (cringe) at the bottom that dropped open. We decided to remove it altogether because an open area looked so much better than leaving that hideous thing in place! Brenda replaced the hardware on the medicine cabinet as well as the other cabinets in the downstairs bathroom. Down the road I will replace the towel bars too. The signs over the toilet were a humorous touch. I "acquired" them about twenty years ago and have been holding on to them for all these years. I cut scrapbooking paper to fit the plastic, shadow box style frame; while it adds a touch of whimsy, having a septic system reminds people that they can't practice their usual habits! Outside of the bathroom door, I hung a rustic sign that says "OUTHOUSE". I wish I had remembered to take a photo of it!

(This open area where the main shut off valve is located will be enclosed and our contractor is building an access panel that will match the other cabinet doors. Eventually we will have a washer and dryer in here too.)

(The new water heater sits upon a platform built by our contractor. The duct work for the eventual dryer is in place, going underneath the platform. Rather than spending the money to replace the wallboard that has pink flowers (another cringe) I am going to cover them with square vinyl clings that coordinate with the browns and grays in the bathroom.)

At the last minute, before leaving Texas, Brenda requested I bring my sewing machine. I had purchased denim material along with fringe and ribbon because she was going to make me a new shower curtain in our Texas guest bathroom; instead I decided to use those materials in the Montana house. I caught her in action and here's the end result: a valance over the archway of the Jacuzzi tub. A picture of my favorite actor (Robert Duval) in my favorite western of all time, compliments the western feel for the bathroom! The accent tile around the tub is what drew me in this direction! I have a turquoise cross that still needs to be hung!

(Before: we removed the shelf that blended into the wood background and the old water heater! I am open to decor suggestions along this wooden wall!)

I am a fan of these plastic shadow box frames so I brought up a few family pictures to place in the office area. I will be adding to these on my next trip. I figured that this was a good start!

"It ain't dying I'm talking about, it's living!"

(Gus McRae, Lonesome Dove.)


  1. You are steam rolling right along. Love the bathroom light fixture :)

  2. Ha Ha! I know!!! I am bringing up some more pics on my next trip and then eventually your pic will be replaced with a pic of you and the family at the house! Or, maybe a pic from the 2015 Colorado Nostalgia Tour Vacation!