Tuesday, April 30, 2013


One of our projects while we were at the house was to get the guest bed set up. The mattress and foundation were delivered a couple of days after we arrived and the bed itself was coming later in the week. We first purchased the "Bed In A Box" brand mattress last summer for our new king sized bed and knowing first-hand how wonderful it is, we decided to buy the same mattress for the queen sized guest bed. It's packaging is rather uncoventional since you are used to seeing mattresses flat; this is vacuum sealed, has memory foam and is packaged in a large, heavy box! With the downstairs guest bedroom next on the makeover list, we decided to set the bed up in the Master Bedroom upstairs. We wrangled this next adventure with the help of the new hand dolly I bought at LOWES right after we got into town. I was pleased that putting the foundation together was such a quick process!

I have already mentioned my lowly opinion of the delivery driver who brought the actual bed. We purchased our furniture from a company based out of Minnesota but they contract some of their orders out to other companies, the bed came from a local company, Montana Woodworks. This is the same company owned by the Amish that delivered the TV stand last October. The driver made sure I knew he was not Amish, that he just worked for them. He didn't have to even tell me, I could have guessed that when he swore and didn't get his lazy butt off the flatbed trailer to help! Their furniture is beautiful and with only one more furniture order on the horizon, (our china cabinet possibly through them) I can live with it. At the time the delivery driver was arriving, our neighbor who does our snowplowing came up and introduced himself to me. I had planned on doing that very thing myself, bringing a jar of Pumpkin Butter from Texas to give to them. This worked out much better (for me anyway) since he volunteered to help bring in the bed and the four drawer chest! I showed him the family room makeover and I got the impression that he hadn't been inside the house before. Eventually as we interact more, I will find out more information about the previous owners. He invited Brenda and I to come over and meet his wife which we did before we headed back to Texas.

Brenda used Murphy's Oil Soap to wipe down the wood and then used a toothbrush to get into the burls. We worked together to attach the side rails and the whole assembly process took less than forty-five minutes! We also used super sliders to be able to move the bed more easily. I was very pleased with the results! Dave and I had purchased the Denali Fleece bedding at a store in Bozeman, Montana when we came back from our Christmas vacation in Yellowstone a couple of months ago. The four drawer chest compliments the bed as well. The two nightstands are the result of a side trip to Idaho to pick up some furniture that a friend gave us a tip on. That will be tomorrow's post. The bed side lamp was a Christmas gift from the mechanic who works on our family's cars.

Although the upstairs won't be remodeled until possibly next year, I thought I would share some photos of the Master Bedroom. There are two side rooms attached to the main area and I refer to them as the "balcony room" and the "dressing room". We will have wood flooring installed and the drywall areas will be painted a nice warm shade of gray to compliment the blue pine that's in place. We also need molding and baseboards added to make it look more finished. I brought up the round table from Texas, I then added a black tablecloth and a pine cone lace, square table topper. Way to make a cheap Sprawl/mart table look so much nicer and I love the end result!

At one time the previous owners had painted the wall a golden color which you can see now that Brenda has ripped out the old, nasty shelf that went the whole width of the wall!

This view is looking towards the "dressing room". The upstairs bathroom only has a one sink vanity and in order to cut costs, I will take over the "dressing room" with its closet. I want to find an antique vanity that I can use to apply make up, fix my hair and so on. I figure that this will be a cheaper "fix" than redoing the plumbing.

At one time we're guessing that the previous owners entertained adding a sink or possibly a wet bar in the "dressing room" since there was some plumbing in place. We had the plumber rip it out and our contractor has already begun the wall repairs.

I will need closet doors as well as a better closet solution for all my clothes!

Looking towards the "balcony room". Brenda has requested the fish portion of the carpet when we lay the wood flooring. She wants to have it bound and use it as a rug for their family's cabin up in Canada. Eventually, the second bookcase that is currently being used in the dining room will make its way up here and we will have the two leather, rocker-recliners we use here in Texas in this sitting area. I envision a nice spot to do my morning Bible readings with a cup of coffee!

The previous owners had shelves along all four walls of this room, that is until I unleashed Brenda and her magic prybar!!

With a view into Glacier National Park I foresee a couple of chairs on the balcony and evenings spent listening to the roar of the creek and the birds in the trees.

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  1. :) ....living vicariously through you and your Montana home adventure....can't wait to visit you there one day! Seriously...it's on my bucket list!