Thursday, August 25, 2016


Anyone who knows me well, knows that Beth Moore is hands down, my favorite Bible Teacher ever. One of the things I heard her say that has stuck with me goes like this...

"Lord, can we just be whelmed, do we have to be OVERwhelmed?"

I love that! I have to keep reminding myself that He has got this upcoming move firmly in His hands and I just need to do my part and let Him take care of the rest. Sometimes that is easier said than done though!

One week from today, we pick up the U Haul truck and begin loading the remainder of our household, minus those bare bones items we will need in the last few weeks after we get back from Montana. This past weekend Dave took apart our log bed and prepped it for the move. We are still able to sleep on the mattress, we just have it sitting on top of the underbed drawer units.

It's hard to believe that we have had this four years now. We've never regretted getting this bed and I am excited to see how it looks up in the Master bedroom!

Our room seems much larger without the headboard, footboard and side rails!

I have been doing a final sweep through the house and boxing up those essential things that I thought I'd leave out for our last few weeks but have now changed my mind about. Today I am picking up some new king sized down pillows to take up there and we will be packing up the comforter. This weekend we will take apart the computer desk and set up the computer on a card table. Wow, this time next week we will be loading the truck! Just be whelmed...just be whelmed...just be whelmed.

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