Friday, July 15, 2016


A garage is something that a lot of people probably take for granted but for us, we are excited to finally have one! We have lived in a mobile home our whole marriage, in a mobile home park and have never had a garage. When I looked at the very first house back in February 2012, it didn't have one and the second one we looked at in July 2012, had a detached garage. When we bought our Mountainview Hideaway in August 2012, I was excited to finally have a garage! It's detached and it also has a 12 foot x 28 foot workshop above which we will convert into a studio for me next year. It will be nice to park our cars inside especially since we will be seeing snow on a regular basis! Once we get up there in September, we can store the Subaru inside, no more rental cars for us! Last Fall we had a garage door opener installed and we are beginning to think of storage solutions inside the garage. I'd like to throw up some insulation and nail in some drywall before we start attaching anything to the studs.

We just heard from our contractor last night and he finished work on the exterior of the garage. He used 12 gallons of stain, countless nails and 3 cases of caulk to get it sealed up nice and tight. He also replaced boards that were compromised as well as finished off the one side that was on the property line facing the neighbor's property. It had exposed cinder blocks and he added insulation and siding to give it a nice finished look. Onc we get up there in September, we will take some pictures for comparison. For now, I will leave you with these before photos.

I might paint the garage door the same green shade that I've done on the front door of the house. I will also put in new light bulbs to make sure the carriage lights are working. Hopefully they are and we won't have to replace them down the road.

The stairs lead up to the workshop area. Dave and I stained the steps and supports last year. We had Randy bring the landing up to code. The railing was way too low and we had some rotted wood that needed to be replaced. I will probably be painting these doors as well.

In September we will have to post new "NO TRESPASSING" signs and get our satellite dish and internet hook up done as well. It's getting very real!

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