Tuesday, July 12, 2016


We spent a good portion of our week unpacking boxes and putting stuff away. We took a break near the end of the week to go into Glacier for several hours. We enjoyed our drive over to Two Medicine and Dave stopped a bit near Marias Pass and took some pictures.

We stopped at Running Eagle Falls and we were able to see it running at full strength because of the Spring snow melt.

The foot bridge wasn't up yet so Dave had to wade across in order to get the shot.

Time out for our traditional dinner party with friends Randy and Chris and Bill and Paula, it's nice to have made some friends already and we are looking forward to making more!

Dave had coordinated for two cords of firewood to be delivered to the house, which came our last full day. We had wisely purchased a wheel barrow since Dave was stacking it behind the house, out of sight. We have one storage rack inside the garage and Dave liked it so much that he got a second which he assembled while we were there. He's going to get another one since we still have a lot of firewood! At first, we didn't think this would take too long to move and stack...wrong-o!

My Dad had gotten us a log splitter which I will probably be using more than Dave for doing smaller pieces of firewood. On this wood, it was so dry that he could actually split some of the larger pieces for stacking, quicker than if we were running the splitter.

Dave ended up spending eight hours working on the woodpile whereas I, spent about twenty minutes raking and bagging the bark and debris that was left behind in the driveway.

The first U Haul load is in the books... gearing up for the second in less than eight weeks!

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