Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Several months back I had been looking on PINTEREST when I saw the transformation of kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. It got my wheels to turning and I mentioned it to Brenda as a possibility. As it turned out, she was familiar with the process having used it before on some vanities in their condos. Hanging on the wall above the vanity the owners had hung a cheap, white medicine cabinet and THEN attached the ceramic wall tile behind it! In the never ending "shake my head, what were they thinking" moments related to the previous owners I figured I had nothing to lose by using the "Rustoleum Transformation Kit" on it. Since the counter top and basin in the upstairs vanity had a gray swirl running through it and there is gray ceramic tile, flooring I decided to go with a medium gray for the vanity. The process is not complicated but requires several hours for drying in between the steps.

BEFORE: The upstairs vanity is white-washed with pink undertones and the medicine cabinet hangs above. The previous owners had painted this room, along with the 2nd upstairs bedroom this horrific green!

Summer 2013, Dave and I painted primer over the green and painted the bathroom a light gray to coordinate with the master bedroom and upstairs hallway.

DURING: Brenda removed all the drawers and doors and taped off the vanity; she is really knowledgeable on home improvement projects and decorating advice, what an asset!

AFTER: Brenda drilled holes and installed new hardware giving the vanity and mirror a more updated look that better fits our colors and decor. This is a drastic makeover!

I love the new look!

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