Thursday, January 15, 2015


I have been helping my best friend pack up household items since they are putting their house on the market next month. In helping her, I have been energized to begin purging once again. I have already went through some of my Christmas and Fall decor, my dresser drawers, bathroom vanity and I will begin working on my closet this weekend. I try to stay on top of things but now, I find myself with a more discerning eye when I look at our stuff. Dave's parents were (in my opinion) borderline hoarders and he has the same gene flowing through his DNA. My Mom practiced retail therapy at an "EXPERT" level, so I myself, can get somewhat fixated on collecting things. When we got together, the potential for clutter has always been lurking, awaiting an opportune moment to rear its ugly head! I think about my Mom and her parents and how they lost everything during World War 2; leaving the Czech Republic with only what they could carry and I am ashamed and embarrassed about our excess! A post for another time...

I have a really nice collection of pink glass depression-ware and I've already been giving thought as to which pieces, I will pass down to my daughters. It's tempting to go ahead and transport the Curio Cabinet up to the house but I am concerned about how well it will travel in the van since the majority of it is comprised of glass; It's probably best to wait for the U-Haul truck next year.

I had been on the prowl for an antique secretary and came across this one a few years ago while I was back home in St. Charles on a visit. It was another awesome find at an amazing price! I have a few pieces of pink glassware displayed in here as well but I also have our Wedding & 25th Anniversary keepsakes. along with a few pieces from Dave's side of the family stored in the upper portion. The bottom drawers hold cards, writing journals and other stationary supplies. Another piece of furniture that will wait for the final move.

I'm thinking about taking up the antique sewing machine but then I don't know where I'll keep all of my old photos in the meantime. They give me great pleasure so if I can't figure out a spot, it will just stay put for now.

On my last trip back to visit my dad in St Charles, he gave me the old cuckoo clock that my Mom brought to America with her shortly before I was born. It was a wedding gift from her parents and I remember the clock always gracing our home. Sadly after the devastating flood in 1993 that ravaged the Midwest and specifically their home, it's in horrific shape. I have researched its repair and I have possibly found someone in the Metroplex that specializes in cuckoo clocks. I plan to contact them in the coming week and set up an appointment to meet with them. I'm hoping it's not too far gone or that the cost to repair it, doesn't cost us an arm or a leg. If I could get it repaired and looking beautiful once again, it will make my heart so happy! I'll keep you posted!

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