Friday, September 5, 2014


On our most recent trip to the Mountainview Hideaway, we maintained a nice balance of work and play. Dave gets cabin fever if he doesn't have ample time to get out and do some hiking and photography whereas, I don't mind the work; Dave feels like he's wasting photography opportunities and I am content to go with the flow. One day we decided to drive into the Park and hike to Hidden Lake at Logan Pass. The trail down to Hidden Lake itself was closed due to bear activity so we just hiked to the overlook. One of the things I always enjoy about this hike are the mountain goats that hang out on this trail. The "Going To The Sun Road" usually opens by mid-June and closes mid-September but the winter of 2013-14 dumped a larger amount of snow fall than normal, so the road opened later and there was still a lot of snow on the trail. Logan Pass is a very popular stop and by 10 AM the parking lot is full. Needless to say, we get there early!

(Behind me is the formation called "The Garden Wall" and the Highline Trail is visible on the side of the mountain. This trail leads to Granite Park Chalet and Swiftcurrent Pass)

We left Logan Pass and gave up our coveted parking space to one of the vultures circling the lot and went down to Lunch Creek where, you guessed it, we ate lunch!

The cascades and the numerous wildflowers make this a beautiful stop and Dave never tires of photographing here.

I love it when he does the slower shutter speed to get this effect on the water!

Beargrass is one of our favorite wildflowers in Glacier National Park and we saw a lot of it growing up the sides of the mountain.

To be continued...

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