Wednesday, September 17, 2014


We enjoyed two other hikes while we were on our latest trip up to the Hideaway. Avalanche Lake is an easier hike, six miles round trip and is a popular spot. The trail begins at "The Trail Of The Cedars" which is a wheelchair accessible, self-guided nature trail and then branches off once the boardwalk ends.

Dave photographing Avalanche Gorge and spider webs.

The hike is mostly through wooded areas, then opens up into this bowl. We realized that the best time to photograph Avalanche Lake is later in the afternoon otherwise it gets bleached out.

As we approached the lake from the trail, there was a black bear nearby. Someone in the group ahead had discharged some bear spray because the effects were still lingering in the air when I saw the bear; suddenly my throat was burning and dry and my nose started running. I've never had to discharge my bear spray but we plan to practice, using our expired canisters. Now I know why that stuff is so effective!!Dave and I hiked down a little ways, past the people who were hanging near the trail

Hiking back out, past Avalanche Gorge, one of my favorite shots!

A couple of days later, we hiked to Rockwell Falls which is in the Two Medicine area of Glacier National Park. Crossing the suspension bridge and photographing the vast amounts of wildflowers!.

The falls is a nice place to stop and soak in the quiet around you!

We left Rockwell Falls after an hour and made our way back. With only a mile left to hike, we ran across this gentleman...

How cool is that!?

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