Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I don't have a whole lot of pictures to post on today's entry since our Contractor is focused more on the job details then being my personal photographer. (Imagine that!) I've said before that he is a first class guy, a perfectionist and a master craftsman who has proven himself over and over again that he can be trusted. Yesterday he responded to an e mail I had sent and sent me a picture he had taken with his phone. At first, since I was looking at it on my smart phone it didn't seem any different from the pictures I posted on my previous blog entry. Those pictures were from our Realtor/Property management guy. I e mailed it to myself and once I downloaded it onto the computer, I caught a small detail. He has all of the granite for the hearth pad, which means it is much further along than I had previously thought!

The corner is being "sketched out", the slabs of granite are stacked beside it and the new wood stove is still enclosed in its packaging.

The corner where the new stove is going to be placed. This is before the walls were painted and the dining room was set up.

In this photo the walls are painted, the dining room is set up and the corner where the new stove is going in is off in the distance.

We bought the house as a foreclosure last August, but the previous owners had listed it five years earlier and our Realtor sent me the link that also included the pictures from that listing. We are taking the house in such a radically different direction!! The dining room where we are having the stove installed was their living room and this picture is before they laid the Pergo flooring and made a few other changes. For us, using this room as the dining room makes more sense.

This picture was from the second time they listed the house, three years ago. They had made some changes but were still using it as their living room. I have to wonder what they would think if they could see the house now?

Four weeks from this Saturday we will be at the house and Dave will lay eyes on it, in person for the very first time. It will be nearly one year since the day that we bought it, the house has come a long way in that year! At that time, the stove installation will be finished and the downstairs will almost be done. We still need some additional trim installed and the Wal-Mart type bookcases that are fastened to the wall in the office will be ripped out and new built in bookcases will take their place. We are having a new concrete porch and some reworking of exterior electrical work done as well. My guess is that, that work will begin after the stove is finished since they can get snow as early as September. The upstairs work will begin after the first of the year. It's hard to believe that so much has been accomplished, soon the only thing left will be for Dave to retire!


  1. You've done such a wonderful job, you'll have to take a picture of Dave the first time he see's it, he's got to be blown away!

  2. My friend Brenda told me that I should make him wait outside for 10 minutes so I can go inside and "stage" everything; there's a lot of stuff that is put up as to keep it out of the Contractor's way. Dave's reply was, "What's 10 minutes when I have already waited one year!". I might have to video tape him coming through the door.

  3. Maybe he can carry you over the threshold :) It's coming along so well!

    1. Well, I should probably lose quite a few pounds first! I'd hate to see him end up in traction right after he retires! ha ha!