Monday, March 4, 2013


Dave and I have many dreams and goals regarding our "Sweet Montana Home". We have spent hours talking about the seemingly endless recreational opportunities we'll have before us once we make the transition to retirement. We don't mind the cold and the snow, unlike our Texas friends and neighbors who think we have lost our minds! I have a saying,

"In the winter you can always put on more clothes but in the summer, naked is as cool as it gets!"

I miss being able to enjoy my cute winter sweaters, bundling up, enjoying a nice warm fire and watching the snow fall. Down here the winters are mild and while I enjoy them, I know that the summer heat is right around the corner and being outdoors is a miserable experience!

While we were on our most recent vacation, (Christmas and New Year's in Yellowstone) we went snowshoeing for the first time. I found that I absolutely loved it! I started doing some research to find out more about snowshoeing and I even bought a book in the Old Faithful Visitor's Center on the subject! Dave and I have talked about going out on the trails in the wintertime on snowshoes and having a totally different experience from hiking in the summertime.

(Dave and I snowshoeing in Yellowstone, December 2012)

Another activity that we fell in love with was snowmobiling! Our first time to try this was in Colorado back in 2003 and now it's a regular activity every time we go to Yellowstone in the winter. There are designated snowmobile trails about a mile from the house and if it's affordable, we will buy a snowmobile! I envision us out on the trails, a thermos with hot cider or hot chocolate and a sack lunch. We'll come home at the end of our day to a steaming bowl of chili or soup that's been cooking all day in the crock pot!

I would love to finish the workshop above the garage and change it into a crafting/scrapbookig studio for me to work in. I could get lots accomplished during a good Montana winter!

I have always loved to read, since I first learned how to do it, I have enjoyed losing myself in a good book. My preference is biographies, outdoorsy or historical stuff, things that encourage me to research until I become more familiar and knowledgeable on a subject. I enjoy mysteries as well, the author CJ Box is a favorite of mine, he creates adventures about a game warden in Wyoming. I typically buy my books used and with the thought in mind that they will be books that I'll enjoy reading again and again. To house our collection of books, we have ordered 2 bookcases and they should be delivered next month while I am at the house for two weeks, doing some more work.

(Initially these will be pretty empty but will quickly fill up once we move permanently.)

While the snow falls down and covers the mountains and our home in a blanket of white, we will be busy, no boredom for us. We will be out enjoying the sights or tucked in all snug and safe living the good life!

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