Sunday, March 3, 2013


After enjoying a day off and going to church the next morning, I was back to my cleaning, painting and other chores. I measured all of the rooms, windows and doorways knowing that I would need that information down the road. I had originally thought of painting the family room a specific color but I changed my mind and decided to stick with the same warm, neutral color.The first time I saw the family room my mind came alive with all sorts of possibilities.All of these pictures are "Before" any work has been done.

The previous owners had left this room somewhat "undone" as well. Currently our contractor is working on remodeling this room for us. We had "chinking" redone in between the wood boards on the walls. It was only partially done before and what was there, was in bad shape. Next was staining the wood on the walls. I also had him paint the ceiling and the white portion of the walls for us. On the ceiling, the trim that covers the ceiling panels was painted a dark coffee color to add some contrast. There was trim work that had to be added as well and we purchased a wood stove which has been installed. This coming week, he will finish up the room by adding the stove and chimney pipe and laying the new hardwood floors. This room will be used a lot so we decided to follow our dreams and not skimp.

(The Jacuzzi tub in the downstairs bathroom is behind this little area that juts out with the shingled roof.)

I love the shelf that goes along the width of this wall. I have already gotten some ideas of how I want to decorate this area. I will put my Mom's old skates and skis here along with some other outdoor themed antiques. The new wood stove is in this same area where the previous owners had a gas stove.

The trip was winding down and I was still waiting on our remaining furniture to be delivered. Finally, thirty-six hours before I flew back to Texas, it arrived!!

(The aftermath! I had to break down all the boxes and make another run to Columbia Falls to get rid of them at the staging area.)

(I got to enjoy watching TV the last two nights in a real chair!)

I wiped everything down really well and thinking that I could assemble the new dining room table. Clearly I thought wrong and I told Dave that I am man enough to admit that this was not a one woman job!!

(The new area rug, my birthday gift from our kids! I don''t know if it will stay in here or go into another room.)

(Attempting to assemble the table. The slab top probably weighs two hundred pounds!!)

Although I didn't get to enjoy the dining room set, I am eager for my next visit when the kitchen has been remodeled! I covered everything up since our contractor is getting ready to start the next project: the kitchen which will eventually include a second wood stove to be installed in the dining room area.

Those two weeks that I was up at the house, really flew by! I feel like I got a lot accomplished, actually more than what I had originally thought I would! Currently the house is buried in the winter snows but spring is around the corner and soon I will be back up there once more, doing some work and making it more and more, our home!

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