Wednesday, February 27, 2013


My second full day at the house I awaited the delivery of our new TV. I had brought my portable DVD player as a back up as well as to occupy myself on the plane. The new DVD player had arrived before I got there and our Realtor had went to the house, secured it and kept it in his office until I got the keys from him. I was still waiting for furniture so I set the TV up in the downstairs guest bedroom since that was where I was sleeping. I got a lot of mileage out of that little red camping chair!

I also began my painting. I had made my color choices back in Texas but when I held up the sample card against all of the wood, I knew I needed to go a touch lighter. By days end, I had gotten the entire kitchen painted and all of the woodwork scrubbed.

(My before and after comparison of scrubbing the woodwork!)

My third day at the house I awaited the delivery of the new appliances. We had ordered a new refrigerator, dishwasher and electric range. The existing electric stove was flat out NASTY! The previous owners had done a red neck wiring job so I told the delivery people not to set it up because I wanted the electrician to fix it!

When I purchased the appliances locally at SEARS, I was quoted an outrageous dishwasher installation price for Montana. I made the decision to have our contractor install it instead. I thought that SEARS would haul off the old one along with the old electric stove (which I had paid for) but the delivery guys told me that they only haul away the old dishwasher, if they were installing the new one.

(The new dishwasher sits off to the side.)

The new range. I got the exact same model as I have here in Texas (which is gas.) I wanted the 2 ovens which is something I use a lot!

I like how the kitchen is coming together. We are getting ready to start the remodeling project in March! We are having new granite countertops installed and the ugly, white ceramic tile backsplash and it's goofy fruit border are being torn out. In it's place we are having black tin panels installed. I have requested the island in the kitchen be made into a multi-level so it will hide the raised back area of the new electric range. I will have the Electrician add two outlets, one on each side of the stove, in the new raised backsplash area. Rather than having bar stools on the back side which is common, I will have the contractor build me shelves so I can store cookbooks and some of my kitchen antiques. That will be down the road when he does some bookcases for us in the office.

To be continued...

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