Thursday, February 28, 2013


As each day passed and more work was being done, I found myself feeling a bit more at home in our new house. Initially, I had told Dave, "It doesn't feel like home because it's barren of our stuff and yet it doesn't feel like a motel room either". It did take a few days to adjust to all of the noises that a house makes as well as the outside noises. Eventually, I moved my air mattress upstairs into the Master Bedroom. There were a couple of times where I awoke in the middle of the night and stepped out onto the balcony wondering if I would catch the Northern Lights. Although I didn't see them, I did get to witness an endless night sky with the Milky Way right over my head! Talk about feeling insignificant and overwhelmed, both at the same time!

Our furniture was scheduled to come in two separate deliveries. The TV stand, made by Montana Woodworks was made locally, so it came first. I wasn't expecting a pick up truck to pull up in the driveway with two women inside. I had to laugh but between the three of us gals, we managed to unload it! I was really pleased with it and after I wiped it down really well, I wrangled it into the downstairs guest bedroom. I decided to put it in there since our contractor would be starting the remodeling project in the Family Room over the winter. I didn't want him to have to work around it or move it out of the way. By this time I had already painted the guest bedroom walls and ceiling...

(The TV all set up in the downstairs guest bedroom.)

(One of the things I like about the guest bedroom is the built in closets and the window seat that frames the window. The hideous carpet will be replaced with wood flooring and the cheap ceiling fan will be replaced as well.)

(We need to have crown molding and some trim added to the downstairs guest bedroom.)

(Looking towards the office area and the stairs. And yes, we are missing a door...)

(The guest bedroom wall at one time had an arched doorway that led to the Living Room on the opposite side. It was enclosed but the owners didn't transition it well, leaving the outline of where it used to be. We will have the contractor fix this, both the bedroom side and the living room side down the road.)

I filled my days painting the living room, the hallway and the downstairs bathroom.

(There's that wall that the contractor will transition for us where the old arched doorway used to be.)

The Before and After of the living room. The walls throughout the downstairs were a stark white and I added some warmth with a nice neutral color!

(We are planning to have wood planking added to the ceiling to match the adjacent kitchen and dining room area and adding some trim work.)

(Standing in the unpainted hallway, looking towards the family room, needing some trim too.)

(Standing in the hallway, paint job in progress, looking towards the living room.)

(The downstairs bathroom with Jacuzzi tub before painting. Eventually, I would like to replace the wall board too.)

(The downstairs bathroom after being painted. We are having a Plumber do some upgrades for us in March, one of them will be replacing the water heater.)

I was anxious for the rest of our furniture order to be delivered, a dining room set and a glider rocker with an ottoman. Until then I had to improvise!

To be continued...

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