Tuesday, November 10, 2015


I haven't blogged in quite a while when today I realized that, if all goes as planned, in exactly one year we will be on the road to Montana for our move to the Mountainview Hideaway! That's worth blogging about! The entire remodel on the house was completed last month. Our Contractor sealed up any exterior gaps, replaced bad boards and finished staining the upper level for us, all just in time because winter is coming to NW Montana. We had purchased some track lighting for him to install in the upstairs hallway and he will replace the storm door in the kitchen along with new wood door trim, since they had used the cheap alternative.

Springtime will see the detached garage being sealed up (like the house) and repainted plus we're having some work done on the stairs leading up to the room over the garage. This winter, Dave and I will start to research closet systems for the two master bedroom closets. I have begun my purging, beginning with my closet and now I am working on Fall and Christmas decorations. Dave wants to work up a plan of attack so we aren't overwhelmed as the day gets closer. We will probably take a smaller moving truck in April with a lot of stuff, mainly his very extensive Colorado dairy collection. Once we return, we can make repairs, paint ceilings and walls, etc. Inn September 2016, we will make another trip with everything else that we can spare. The plan is to live bare bones those last two months, sleeping on an air mattress, eating off paper plates, wearing a limited wardrobe and so on since we will be taking the car when we say goodbye to Texas that November.

During our last trip to the house this past September, we decided to apply polyurethane to the new posts and railings on the stairway. After sanding, and applying 3 coats, we were pleased with the outcome. Smooth AND a little bit shiny!

Out with the old....

In with the new!

The upstairs hallway turned out nicely too; add some of Dave's photography work and VOILA! Can't wait to see how this looks with the track lighting replacing what's there right now!




  1. It's really quite the transformation! Have loved watching you turn the 'before' into a beautiful home.

    1. Thank you sweet friend! It's been a labor of love and if for some reason all we ever got to do was the remodel, we've been blessed beyond what most people ever dream of!