Monday, August 11, 2014


Nope I am not blogging about Jim Morrison today but rather my door projects. All of the exterior doors were primer gray color and had never been painted. Long ago I realized that color on a front door is more than cosmetic, it sets the tone, makes a statement as to who the occupants are. I have shared the eclectic color choices of the previous owners so I guess I should be thankful the doors weren't painted bright pink or some other hideous color! In April, I selected the colors for the doors and their trim but we were unable to work outdoors because of the temperatures. Having a small window of opportunity I saw this trip as my chance to enhance this house by bringing it one step closer to its potential.

The french doors leading out of the family room.

The french doors afterwards. We are replacing the black storm door that leads into the kitchen, the back door was painted as well.

The french doors, with temporary paper privacy shades, from inside the family room, before

After painting and installation of the new add on blinds! The blinds were incredibly easy to install. just 5 minutes! I can raise or lower them or open and close them for privacy. A great investment!

The upstairs balcony has french doors that were also painted.

Before doors were painted and the balcony was restained.

The interior view of the front door before:

And after:

The exterior view of the front door last summer before the electrical and porch project:

The exterior view of the front door after:

I also scraped and painted a fresh coat of white paint on some of the door frames and window frames where it was needed. Dave and I painted/stained the lower portion of the front of the house and hopefully will do more on our next trip up. Dave also plans to paint the underneath side of the porch roof. We are trying to do as much of it ourselves as possible and only hiring out the second floor area to be painted by someone who is better equipped than us.

After our work, support posts done as well!

I will also be taking off some of the interior, wooden doors (closets, bedrooms, etc) that have never been finished and I will sand, condition and stain them out in the garage. Working vacations are a paradox in that they are work but somehow they are still relaxing!


  1. What a difference and transformation since you first purchased and posted pictures at the beginning of your adventure. Looks GREAT!!!!

    1. Thanks Cathy! I am so glad we have before pictures so we can remind ourselves how far we've come!!