Friday, May 3, 2013


A little of this and a little of that for today's entry. I have been doing some long term day dreaming regarding the workshop over the detached garage. If money were no object, I would love to turn this area into a "Guest Room" with a bathroom. However, money IS an object and I just do not see us affording to do that. When I showed this area to Brenda I told her that I thought this would make a great scrapbooking and crafting room for me. Her husband Charlie (Dave's best friend and our own son's namesake) is very handy and has done many remodeling projects; so between the two of us we have decided that once the guys are retired, THIS will be THEIR first retirement project! I could even see Brenda and her prybar ripping out the shelves and such! We could insulate the area and hang drywall and install a floorboard heater and do new flooring. The previous owners even had a small woodstove up there at one time. There was still some wood stored up there for the stove so I chucked it outside so we had a little extra to burn in our new woodstove in the family room.

Looking inside the workshop area.

Other projects that we had our contractor work on was the well house. We needed him to install a door in order to separate the area that houses the pump, insulate the well house, add a heater and finish up the exterior. We also had the plumber install a new pressure tank with emergency shut off switch. The electrician wired up a light for us so that we don't have to use a flashlight in the event we have to check something in the dark.

Before and after of the exterior:

I am thinking that the remainder of the well house will make a great gardening shed!

We had one of the locals stop by and hang out at the play house for awhile too!

The next entry will be the wrap up.

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